The game changer in pool water disinfection

The game changer in pool water disinfection

Introducing a New Era in Pool Disinfection for the American Market! AIS Water, a trailblazing Australian manufacturer in electrolysis technology, proudly introduces its award-winning innovation to the USA.

Experience the Future of Pool Disinfection: Bid farewell to harsh chemicals and embrace AIS Water’s simpler, safer, and smarter electrolysis technology. Watch as your pool transforms into a pristine oasis, supported by our industry expertise. Take the Plunge into the Chlorination Revolution and Elevate Your Swimming Experience!

The AIS difference

Experience a level of innovation that unmistakably sets AIS Water apart from the rest. Our unparalleled technology not only guarantees protection against waterborne bacteria but also crafts an astonishingly refreshing swimming environment. From intimate plunge pools to sprawling resort oases, AIS’s award-winning solution scales effortlessly. Trusted by resorts, hotels, water parks, and even FINA competition pools worldwide, our innovation pioneers water quality and elevates swimming enjoyment. Step into the immersive world of AIS Water and feel the tangible difference that sets us apart. Originally designed for athletes and now accessible to every American, AIS Water customizes your pool and swimming experience to perfection.

Dive into AIS Water and immerse yourself in the ultimate pinnacle of pool disinfection excellence.

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A global leader in water disinfection for over 30 years

The new frontier in water disinfection

Historically American commercial pool operators have had little choice when it comes to water disinfection technology.

Operators have had to manage the never ending cycle of transportation, storage, handling and disposal of dangerous chemicals. They have also had to periodically dump their pool water in an effort to stabilise water chemistry.

Until now.

AIS Water’s award-winning water disinfection technology is now available in America. There’s no need to manage dangerous chemicals, or dump water.

It’s the new frontier in commercial water disinfection.

Global Reach

The American and Australian connection

The U.S Department of State’s website* states: “Australia is a vital ally, partner, and friend of the United States.

Our relationship extends to the swimming pool too. American and Australian swimmers have enjoyed a long history of friendly rivalry in the pool, from amateur swim meets to elite level Olympic and Paralympic Games.

As an island continent, surrounded by water and with one of the highest rates of pools per capita in the world, swimming is one of Australia’s most popular recreational activities, in fact, it’s part of Australia’s cultural DNA.

It’s another reason why AIS Water is considered a leader in water disinfection for commercial and residential pools.

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